Includes hire of:
1 x 50cm mirror ball
3 x 40cm mirror balls
5 x 30cm mirror balls
30 x 4cm mirror balls
4 x mirror ball motors (to spin the most prominent mirror balls)
4 x mirror ball pin spots (to shine on the most prominent mirror balls)
2 x tripod stands with t-bars (to suspend 2 – 4 large mirror balls per stand)
Standard smoke machine
Red & green laser
Includes Cape Town delivery and basic setup

Looking to host the most sparkling party of the year? This mirror ball party kit will have you shining from the outside in! 

The Mirrorball Explosion Kit is an over-the-top party theme suitable for all size parties where sparkle, disco, 70’s, cheese or shine is your main goal. Our technicians will deliver the kit to you (Cape Town delivery included in the price) and assist in setup of up to four mirrorballs on the tripod stands, with the pinspots and motors. The 30cm mirror balls and small 4cm mirror balls can be suspended anywhere around the venue using hooks, string or Prestik.

With this mirror ball party kit, more is definitely more, where we highly recommend keeping most of the mirror balls in one room so as to totally glitz out the decor!

The disco ball party kit is suitable for all ages and has been used for private and corporate parties, including birthday parties, 21sts, corporate year end events and even bingo evenings!

Feel free to adjust the mirrorball party kit to your requirements or budget – we can go bigger or smaller. We even have a giant mirror ball of 1m in diameter.