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Trilogy Audio dry hires ambient lighting for self setup.  We offer lighting setups only as part of larger audio visual technical bookings.


Using LED parcans, we place lights around the venue on the floor, shining up the walls in a V-shape. This creates a warmth (or coolness, depending on colour select) to your venue and adds to the overall ambience. As lights are LED, we can choose any colour you want and set lights to that colour. Generally, only one colour is used on all lights, although mixing two similar or complimentary colours can also be attractive and festive.


Using rain-resistant cabling, we have developed naked bulb string lights, also known as Cafe String Lights, Bistro String Lights or Festoon Lighting, that are suspended over an area, whether it be a garden, dining tables or dance floor. This lighting effect can be used indoors or outdoors. Lights are suspended using 3m poles and / or anchor points on buildings or trees. Lights are small, golfball incandescent 15w clear or LED warm white light bulbs and are fully dimmable. We also offer multicolour globes. Lights come in lengths of 20m with bulbs every half meter or 100m with bulbs every 1m.


These magical little lights create a very delicate and romantic feel to most events. Used frequently for weddings, they twinkle in the background and look great in photos. Our fairy lights are suitable for use indoor and outdoor as they’re fully rain-resistant. Our warm white LED fairy lights are available to be draped down walls, across ceilings in a swag/zigzag or spoke style, wrapped around trees or as a canopy above an outdoor patio.


Create a statement with a wall full of fairy lights, or a fairy light curtain acting as a divider. Our fairy light curtains are warm white LED lights, are 2m wide and connectable into longer lengths. They are 3m or 5m in length and are suitable for suspending on any wall of at least 2m in height.


Make use of our LED balls or LED orbs (which are made by a high quality plastic LED furniture manufacturer) to light up indoor or outdoor spaces with a beautiful glow. Waterproof, remote controlled and battery operated, these are highly versatile lighting decor items available for hire. The LED orbs can float on water, are waterproof for use outdoors even in the rain, use LED lights that can be set to one of 16 colours by remote or set to colour change, are run on rechargeable lithium batteries so are environmentally friendly lighting options too.


Using high-powered LED floodlights, parcans and spotlights, Trilogy Audio can set up lighting outdoors to show off vineyards, trees, gardens and lawns. Recommended to be set to a standard warm white colour and / or green, they can also be preset to different colours if required. Lighting trees for events and lighting vineyards in the distance, can create an incredible sense of depth and space, and ensures you can enjoy the beauty surrounding your function venue well into the night.


Using a custom-cut metal gobo, we can display your company logo or bridal couple’s names or initials on walls, ceiling or floor in a variety of colours.

Contact us to discuss your private and corporate Cape Town Audio Visual hire needs and for us to quote you according to your requirements.

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