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Hybrid conferencing is one of the good things that have come out of the Covid era. While people want to meet and gather in-person, there are occasions and circumstances where groups of delegates or presenters are not able to be physically present to meet in the same room.

Hybrid conferencing breaks these barriers and allows the virtual delegates to be part of the in-person meeting, or allows a virtual presenter to present to an in-person audience. Video content and presentation slides can be seen by both the virtual and in-person audience. And in-person presenters, and usually in-person audience, can be seen by the virtual delegates too, allowing them to experience what the feeling of the in-person event. 

Trilogy will work with you to discuss your ​ideas for the hybrid meeting, and will assist in supplying the correct technical equipment to make your hybrid event a reality. We have worked on numerous multi-day conferences, meetings, strategy sessions, training sessions and private events with positive results.  

Please contact us to discuss your vision and to proceed with a proposal.

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