Trilogy Audio has a large selection of effects machines available for hire. 


Our effects hire options include:
– Smoke machines
– Hazer machines
– Bubble machines

Smoke machines give off puffs of dense smoke for manually activated periods of time usually up to about 30 seconds long. They need to reheat periodically. Placement of a smoke machine is best away from a draft so that the smoke doesn’t blow away. Our smoke machines are available in a variety of sizes depending on your requirements. Suited mainly for indoor functions or enclosed outdoor areas.  

We hire hazers for a wide variety of professional function applications. These machines operate constantly without the need for reheating, giving off a regular stream of blown, fine smoke to create a mist which is great for enhancing dance floor lighting or giving a wintery, misty effect. Suitable for indoor and protected outdoor areas.

Hire a bubble machine for champagne parties, kiddies parties, wedding ceremonies or hen dos. Bubbles are fun and carefree and add a glimmer of shine and happiness to any event! We supply our machines with fluid for about 2 hours use. Bear in mind that the bubble fluid is very slippery, so we strongly recommend that these machines are used on non-slippery surfaces only, such as grass, rough concrete, brickwork or carpets. Suited for indoor and outdoor use.

All machines are supplied with a quantity of fluid which is usually more than adequate for a single function use. Additional fluid can be purchased. All fluid is non-toxic and usually has little to no smell. It is mostly made in Europe to strict professional specifications and standards.