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Business meetings and conferences will forever be changed. Companies can enjoy the flexibility and cost saving measures of allowing hybrid conferencing while still having their full delegate attendance, whether nationally or internationally. This allows for memorable, authentic and engaging experiences. Trilogy offers full hybrid technical solutions and managed virtual conferences, allowing meeting and conference planners to focus on the conference content, and not technical considerations or hiccups.

Our technical service is available for meetings and workshops, conferences or seminars, and private events. Our technical model allows for full virtual conferences as well as hybrid conferencing whereby some or all delegates are in-person or virtual, and some or all of the presenters are in-person or virtual. 

After discussing your requirements, we will send you a proposal outlining our recommendations and proposed solutions for how Trilogy will be able to assist you with the technical management and production of your event. 

Please contact us with your project brief and to proceed with a proposal.

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