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In a world scarred by lockdowns and meeting restrictions, we find there is still a need for full virtual conferencing. Whether it be due to a large global audience or socioeconomic reasons, we believe there will still be a place for virtual meetings to take place for many years to come.


A managed virtual meeting allows for the video content and slide content to be managed by our experienced technicians, as well as correct spotlighting and grouping of speakers. We can also assist with maintaining the attendance of authorised individuals only as well as logging time to ensure those who said they would be present, are. 


Managed virtual meetings can have slicker intros, welcome slides and welcome music, to give the feeling of stepping into a well arranged meeting space, which still in the comfort of the delegates' home or office.

After discussing your requirements, we will send you a proposal outlining our recommendations and proposed solutions for how Trilogy will be able to assist you with the technical management and production of your online event. 

We have assisted with numerous multi-day virtual conferences, day meetings and one-hour meetings. Please contact us to see how we can assist you with your next virtual meeting.

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