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The South African Government has laid out a number of strict requirements which companies need to adhere to during the COVID-19 phased lockdown period. 

Companies may wish to display reminders of hygiene or other regulations and relevant pieces of information to employees in an easily accessible manner. Trilogy Audio is able to provide the hire and setup of LED TV screens and projectors for these purposes. We also offer sound systems to serve as public address systems through your facility. Trilogy can produce simple audio or video content as well ,assisting you with rapid implementation of your prescribed requirements. Sound and video components are available on mid- to long-term rental plans at highly reduced rates. Our solutions are available for Covid-19 communications to offices, factories, banks, warehouses, distribution centres and shops. 

Please contact us for our offerings and to proceed with a proposal.


Equipment: TVs with media player

In order to address workers in a visual manner, TV(s) can be used on floor stands to display reminders with optional audio to wash hands. The message could be displayed every 20 minutes and in-between other hygiene messages can be displayed and the company logo embossed at all times. The messages will be loaded on a media player which will be looped continuously.


Equipment: Sound system

For workers who need audible reminders, a professional audio sound system can be supplied. An iPod with pre-recorded messages will loop through the day to remind workers to sanitise their stations and wash hands. Messages can be branded or generic, and will start with a sound effect so as to draw attention. Messages could be played every 30 minutes with an 8- or 12-hour audio track being possible to incorporate different messages for different times of the day. 


Equipment: Projector with media player

Using projectors and a screen or white wall, warning logos can be projected onto walls to remind customers of hygiene protocols. The large size of the image will draw attention while still allowing customers and staff to interact without being disturbed with audio messages. The content could include warning signs and shapes generated for the Covid-19 pandemic. Company logos could be included as well for additional branding opportunities.


Thanks for your interest. We'll be in touch soon!

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