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Trilogy Music has a range of power solutions for load shedding or blackout concerns, as well as for events where regular 220V power is not readily accessible. We have supplied power for events on beaches and in forests on multiple occasions. 

Generators are great for power for up to 10 hours where fuel levels can be topped up with no disruption. We have access to a wide range of single- and 3-phase generators suitable for powering lighting, sound  systems, TVs, projectors and computers.  

UPS’s can be coupled to generators or Eskom power supplies for highly sensitive electronic equipment and for ultimate reliability as well as ensuring that the gear stays on while switching between power sources.

Inverter power systems are used for power supply to audio visual equipment when a stable power supply is required but also when near silence is also an important factor. These systems are useful for power rental at small function venues, onboard yachts or to power intimate secluded wedding ceremonies, for example, that may occur in a quiet forest. Our inverter power systems for hire use large deep cycle batteries and supply pure sine wave power to prevent hums and buzzes over sound equipment.

Other load-shedding-proof audio visual gear we have available include battery operated sound systems, battery operated mixing desks, battery operated ambient lights and battery operated flood lights.

Contact us with your requirements and we will tailor a system that will supply suitable power and also fit your budget.

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